Webest sorter

Auto Rice Mill

Webest sorter

Milling Plant

Auto Rice Milling Plant

Mordern Plant

Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator

Vesta grain elevator

mysore dryer and parboiling plant

Indian dryer and parboiling plant

Mysore & Nagraj

Huanrui CCD color sorter

CCD color sorter

Huanrui color sorter

Importer industrial machinery - Bangladesh

M/S Afreen Trade International is specialized for importing machines as well as their spare parts, with more than 12 years‛ experienced. We import machinery and its parts from various country like China, Japan, Russia, India, & Korea. M/S Afreen Trade International ‛s up-to-date integrated solutions have become an important part of the infrastructure of post-harvesting treatment, grain and oil seeds processing and formulated feed production.

Elevator load into container

Whitener emeroy roll

Husker belt type copy satake

Packing Scale

Polisher double body

Rice grader MMJP

Paddy separator double body

Thickness Grader